When is the Right Time to Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

Some experts recommend that people start using anti-aging products from the age of 20. However, this does not mean that people in their 20s need to buy an anti-wrinkle cream specifically. After all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Using anti-aging products before signs become fully visible on the skin is an effective way to slow down the aging process and delay its onset.

The sooner you start using anti-aging products, the less likely you are to develop fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. There is endless information about anti-aging skin care. Some beauty gurus claim that you should start at 20 to get rid of wrinkles as long as possible. Others may encourage you to wait until the end of your 30s.

However, the reality is that there is no right answer. While prevention is helpful, it can attack the signs of aging at any time. So, what is the right age to start using anti-aging products? According to Claire Chang, Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, “Most people should start using anti-aging products by the time they reach their 30s.” You still have a few years left before you start seeing visible signs of aging. If you start using effective products before such signs appear, you have a chance to slow down aging for a while.

Many people don't think of SPF as an anti-aging product, but it's actually the most powerful product you'll ever use in the fight against aging. The sun is the number one factor that causes our skin to age faster than we would like. You should use SPF 15 or more every day, 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun. No matter what the weather, you should wear sunscreen.

Even if you don't spend time sunbathing, you can be exposed to harmful UVB and UVA rays while sitting in a car, by a window, or even on an airplane. If you use tinted makeup or moisturizer, you can kill two birds with one stone using a product that provides coverage and SPF. In summer or on beach days, be sure to apply SPF everywhere and reapply it after getting in the water. Serums formulated with antioxidants are a powerful way to brighten, restore and refine the appearance of skin and may help fade the look of fine lines and dark spots over time.

It is also a great way to protect the skin from free radicals. Use serums formulated with the antioxidants we described earlier in the article to reap their skin care benefits. Serums are ideal for use after exfoliation and before applying the moisturizer. Definitely include a serum formulated with antioxidants in your routine.

It's never too late to look for good skin care. As the delicate area around the eyes is often the first to show signs of aging, if you find the best anti-wrinkle cream for you, you won't regret it. Look for serums with hydrating hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Starting anti-aging products at age 20 is not the only thing that will help you achieve youthful skin in its maturity.

You can't go wrong with anti-aging skincare that combines moisture and sun protection, and Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 50 water gel lotion offers both, with the added benefit of being light as water and virtually invisible under makeup. The next step in the fight against aging skin is to identify the best key ingredients in the wide range of products available. However, you can start an anti-aging regimen even after you have started to show signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The brand believes that taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated, so they offer anti-aging skincare products in sets.

If you want to slow down your skin's aging process but only want to use anti-aging products when your skin is ready for it, we've created a list and explanation of when you should start using them. Because aging of the skin can begin at any time and is greatly affected by various external factors rather than just age and intrinsic effects, anti-aging products become more beneficial than it is ever too late for them. Advanced anti-aging solution contains retinyl palmitate and 1% retinol which work together to help rejuvenate skin cells leading to brighter, firmer wrinkle-free skin. If you are interested in starting an anti-aging routine contact experts at Pacific Dermatology Specialists for advice on when purchasing your first set of anti-aging products it is essential to know which brands make them but when should we start an anti-aging skincare routine does it make any difference to start when you're young? Learn ideal time to start caring for aging skin and some tips for creating your future skincare routine if you start using anti-aging products at age 20 you are essentially training your skin to behave still at what point should that skincare routine include anti-aging products such as wrinkle creams collagen ointments and hyaluronic acid injections? Many anti-aging products contain moisturizing ingredients to keep skin smooth hydrated and healthy making them a great addition to your daily skincare routine before delving into more expensive creams lotions serums and anti-aging treatments establish basic skincare routine.

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